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How To Uninstall Norton Antivirus From Your PC

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How To Uninstall Norton Antivirus From Your PC

 By Greg Kahn  

Norton Antivirus is an extremely well known antivirus application for the Windows system and millions of users globall trust in the security provided by this product. This program performs important functions in the computer, like protecting it from virus, spyware, trojans and many other infections. Though it is highly effective, it is still prone to causing errors and computer malfunctions because of the complicated process of uninstalling it. Most users have a difficult time uninstalling Norton Antivirus, and even those who think they have successfully removed it are later surprised to still find it there. You have to completely remove the program files from the hard drive to successfully uninstall it.

How To Uninstall Norton Antivirus

The procedure to uninstall Norton is aimed at taking out all the components of the program that run on the computer. These components are the files and settings that are contained in the program folders and registry in the PC. To remove them, apply the Add/ Remove Programs application, delete the files leftover by the program and clean the registry.

To begin, simply go to CONTROL PANEL. You can find it from the programs that appear after clicking START menu. From there, select the Add/Remove Programs tab and choose the Norton program from the list of installed software. Click REMOVE OR UNINSTALL (depending on the Windows server you are using). 

This will take out the Norton program from the computer but note this does not delete the left-over files. To get rid of the unnecessary files left behind, locate them and delete. Go to MY COMPUTER and select the C:/Program Files folder. Identify the remnant files of Norton, select and then delete. You can delete them permanently without going through the Recycle Bin by pressing SHIFT and DELETE simultaneously. Next, restart the computer so the changes you have made will take effect. However, remember you will still have to deal with the Norton files in the registry.

Automated Removal Method

If you want a faster and easier fix, you can simply use an automated removal tool called the Final Uninstaller. It is a program that will remove the unwanted software or application and take out the traces left behind as well. It is an easier and more convenient alternative for any users who are not comfortable performing the manual method. Simply download the program, install properly and run.

When it has launched, click SCAN option, select NORTON from the installed programs list and tick the box beside it; then click CLEAN to finish the process. Whether you have employed the manual or automated method, you have to finish the task by cleaning the registry. Corrupt or damaged files can easily be overlooked in the registry, and when they are left untreated, the computer will suffer errors and system malfunctions. The best tool for this is the Frontline Registry Cleaner. Simply download, install and launch the application. It will quickly scan, fix and maintain the registry database for a sound computer system.

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